MMJ Trust undetake all projects that are aligned to its mission statement.

Apart from the longer-term projects that the Trust has undertaken as listed below, Pakistan had to contend with a flood of Biblical proportions in the summer of 2010 – just as the MMJSWT had been established – the flood-effectees required immediate attention. The Trust, therefore, took upon itself to help extend all possible help for the rescue and rehabilitation of those affected by the flood and for the reconstruction of their ravaged homes and property.

Other projects:

  • A.  Establishment of two Vocational Training Centres, one for girls and one for boys, at Village Pindori, Tehsil and District Rawalpindi. The site for the two centres has been procured.

  • B.  Provision of clean drinking water to five villages surrounding Pindori.

  • C.  Provision of educational scholarships to girls who have done well at the primary/secondary level but are not in a position to continue their studies for want of funds.

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